Last Quarter Moon Phase – balance or worry?

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LQ – Last Quarter moon phase.

“Gain balance in small steps today rather than indulging in worry. Identify the real issue to face.”

–Excerpt from “Riding Moon Cycles Moon Days.”


This is one of several topics for today’s moon phase from the Moon Days book and journal.

The core concept of the Moon Days book and journal is a series of specific topics or writing prompts for every day of the moon phase cycle. Each day the moon offers a unique flavor for musing, journaling, planning, doing, being.

See what the book is like over here.

A New Kind of Faith

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Moon Cycle: LQ+3 | Last Quarter plus 3 days Moon Phase | June 12, 2015.

There is room now for a new kind of faith; know that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Remember, your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!

The battle is won or lost and it doesn’t matter any more.

At the end of a fight, what happens? You feel a sense of relief. The worst part is over. You have survived and lived to tell about it. That is today.

Another notion right now is a push-and-pull feeling. The reason for this is the “fruit and the seed” are mingling together as one. The old is on the way out and at the same time there are new things nudging in the background.

Recent experiences have fired and refined you as a sword in the hand of the blacksmith at the forge. You are purged and cleansed. Trust that the universe is ready to help you to achieve your goal. Rise above moodiness and take care of routine tasks. Dream a little.

The Dark before the Light

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This next week March 13-19, 2015, we are in the dark time of two cycles – the end of the astrological year and the end of the moon cycle. Pop in the Uranus square to Pluto into the mix Monday March 16 for increased depth.

2007-March Paonia COIt’s the last week of the Sun in Pisces. Time for rounding up the notes of the past year: accomplishments and regrets perhaps? Folks are wrestling with the winter’s work of introspection. “I want to go forward!” and “No, I need to go back.” “Let’s stay inside.” “No! Let’s go out!” I wrestle with my internal versions with “I’m ready now!” and “No, not yet!” Your program may vary.

In the midst of the mental and emotional meanderings, I come back to the home base of cycle itself. The experience of cycle promotes the sanity. It’s not only the emotion of the moment that is important, but its place in the cycle and the learning that it provides.

It’s the last week of the moon cycle – Last Quarter. There is so much chatter about the New Moon and the Full Moon. We have to remember that there are other weeks of the cycle that are just as important.

Take the Full Moon last week.

Quick! Last Thursday March 5th – what were you doing? How did you feel?

The Full Moon is history. That was last week, and it is a whole different perspective now. Do you feel the same? Has the situation changed?

Here’s one small example. I celebrated a milestone on the Full Moon by completing an outline of some work I am doing. The internal mountains I had to climb were huge, and we won’t even talk about the time I spent on it. I was elated and joyful at the finish line. What a victory at the Full Moon! What a personal whacky-wonderful achievement! Plus the Moon Hair Calendar got out on time on Amazon.

Poof! Now, a week later, the meaning of that celebration is coming into a painful focus: there’s more work to do and it is even more challenging! If I didn’t know about cycle, then I would perhaps be collapsing in a heap of personal compost. 2012 March Daffodils 4

And now I appreciate why we have daffodils.

What happened on your Full Moon? Do you feel different about it now?