New Moon Friday June 23 and a Secret

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Hello! I want to take a few moments to thank all of you who have ordered my book “Moon Days.” It is such a pleasure to share what I have learned about the moon cycle and I am grateful to those folks who agreed to take a peek at the lunar system for their own use.

Stick with me for a minute and I’ll reveal a moon cycle secret.

Moon Cycle Last Quarter + 5 days and a Secret.


On this LQ+5 Last Quarter plus 5 days, June 22, there are several items listed in Moon Days that resonate with me today.

“Use daily priority lists.” This may sound like a simplistic thing to say for any day, but it means more during Last Quarter week than any other week of the cycle. While the emotional body and spirit body are making adjustments from the last cycle and looking forward the next one, this advice keeps everyday tasks moving along while the inner musings are processing. Lists ground my day during this time.

Here’s another one: “How It Feels: A shred of hope returns. The new cycle begins in a few short days. Treasure the recent wisdom gained.” I am also strongly identifying with this stage of the cycle. I’ve participated in a major transition during the last week and I do feel that shred of hope for better days ahead. I need hope to survive or I wither in negative emotions.

These are only a few of the entries for this moon day. I purposely made them short to reveal the most important points of the day and allow for the most personal interpretation. Each person will take a unique perspective from it. My shred of hope is very different from yours!

Moon Cycle New Moon and a Secret


Now we are poised at the threshold of the New Moon on Friday June 23.

In the “Moon Days” ebook or paperback, I especially like the image for the New Moon day: “The seed swells with the rain.” The cycle eases through the phases. Some people will be ready to act and others of us will be simply percolating with new ideas.

New Moon Day: “What to Do: Let the day be okay. Notice where attention goes. Choose the tone for the cycle. Tend a New Moon ritual.” There is no demand of activity for this day, only the opportunity to acknowledge it.

One of the Journal Topics for the New Moon day is “Compared to last week, today I feel like…” I believe it is important to take some perspective on occasion. Sometimes it feels like the world is too hard and then it all changes during the next part of the cycle. This helps me through the hard times knowing that the lunar rhythm will carry on and I will move along with it.

One of the secrets to enjoying the tremendous benefits of the lunar rhythm is that the cycle engages when you decide to participate.

Moon Phase Last Quarter + 5 days

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LQ+5. The lunar cycle today is 5 days after the Last Quarter waning moon. There is no moon to see in the sky because the thin crescent is close to the sun.

LQ+5. Last Quarter + 5 days. What to do instead of worry or despair...

LQ+5 Moon phase and Emotions

Hold the wisdom that you have gained through the dark times as a dear possession, like an egg protected in a warm, fuzzy blanket in a covered basket, safe and sound. Let the world pass you by. Wait.

Believe that an answer to the current situation does exist. This alone will keep you in the right frame of mind to recognize the solution when it arrives on your doorstep.

Switch to compassion instead of worry or despair.

LQ+5 Moon phase and Mind

While you are sitting in the compost heap of your own emptiness, feel a new sense of hope returning. Welcome the sense of starting a new cycle in a few days.

This infusion of hope is the thing that you have been waiting for, but thought could never happen just a few short days ago.

Consider that your own sense of importance is but a dust mite on the back of a flea in the larger scheme of things. On the photo of the earth from space there is only land, water, and clouds.

You may need to summon up a sense of strong action to work on your next plan. Prepare to release inertia after the new moon.

LQ+5 Moon phase and Work

If you are still a bit worn from the last few days, focus on routine tasks that you can complete without a lot of planning and can do without a lot of thinking.

Take care of unfinished business.

If you feel ahead of the game, with hope returning, then start to incorporate the new thinking into your work.

More Moon Phase Tips

See Moon Days for specific short tips for each day of the moon phase on How It Feels, What To Do, What To Watch, and Journal Topics.

Use the 8″x10″ Journal of Moon Days to record daily moon phase experiences and discover your personal patterns in the moon cycle.