Lunar Hair Tip #5 – Thicker Hair


Just about every source in the history of lunar hair cutting agrees that the Full Moon is the best phase for seeing thicker growth after a cut or trim.

Lunar Hair Tip #5 - Thicker Hair

I like to refine that notion to include the two days before and after the Full Moon because that is the most concentrated window of time when the Moon travels through Earth’s magnetotail. If you are sensitive to the Moon’s magnetic qualities like I am, you will know what I mean. If not, that’s okay, NASA figured it out for us.

Folklore says to choose any Full Moon for this treatment. It is my experience that it is wise to skip Virgo, Cancer and Pisces. Virgo is barren and better suited for haircuts during the waning moon. Cancer and Pisces are both excluded with the ongoing Pisces-Cancer Debate. I have to say that Libra is wet and hot and would also not be my first choice.

On all the other days of the moon cycle other than the Full Moon, the focus is on specific astrological signs for the goal of thicker hair after a haircut or trim. The recommended signs in order of popularity and importance for lunar hair cutting are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn.

Taurus and Capricorn are semi-fertile; Scorpio has the class of fertile.

Taurus, Leo, and Capricorn are all dry.

Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio are cold.

Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are Fixed.

Leo, a popular sign for haircuts and thicker growth (think lion’s mane) is curious in this category because it is barren and hot, and so unlike the astrological qualities of the other signs. European folklore from the year 1748 has a published almanac about cutting hair at the Leo moon as the common practice. We accept the votes from folklore and history as valid, even with a little mystery. Write to me or comment if you have further insight.

Choose both a Full Moon and a recommended astrological sign for maximum impact. A Taurus full moon. A Leo full moon. A Scorpio full moon. A Capricorn full moon.

Did you miss it this month? That’s okay, grab your astrology calendar and choose future dates with the next Full Moons and astrological signs. It’s also a good practice to look ahead for the whole year to see how many dates will be available. If you need more help, all of the dates are calculated for easy reference in Lunar Hair 2017.

Lunar Hair Care for Spring

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Let’s talk about lunar hair care for Spring events with family and friends that are coming soon. A special welcome to you if you arrived here from the referral in the Lunar Hair 2017 ebook.

Lunar Hair Tip #1 - Spring Events

Passover April 11 and Easter April 16 arrive in about a month and you are sure to have an invitation to a traditional family affair or a casual get-together with some close friends. Imagine that you arrive to the house and wait in the car or stand outside the door for a moment or two before going inside.

You go through the mental checklist of your outfit: shoes, colors, accessories. Yes, you think, the style is just right for the occasion. What else? Oh, yes, the crowning glory of your hair sparkles in the sunshine! You toss it or smooth it and it feels just right to your touch and against your neck. It’s a good hair day! You feel great! What happened? It may be that you picked the right day for your hair appointment by using the moon signs and phases.

Using the moon cycle for hair care is nothing new. Guided by the natural cycles of nature, men and women in earlier times lived daily with the movement of the moon and seasons throughout the year. The basic concepts about the moon cycle in the natural world are as valid today as they were centuries ago.

Both of the traditional spring holidays are timed according to the moon phase:

Passover occurs on or near the day of the full moon, which is April 11 this year.

Easter, on April 16, falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox.

Whether you are new to the notion of using the moon signs and phases to time a hair treatment, or a big fan of lunar timing, here are a few tips about picking the dates for an appointment to get ready for these events. Some people need a couple of weeks to let a treatment set in and others look and feel the best with a quick hair cut before an event. There is a perfect moon sign or moon phase day for either choice.

The one astrological caution for this time of year is that Venus retrograde started on March 4 which calls for conservative choices with appearance and purchases to prevent disappointment later on. Stick to familiar styles until Venus goes direct April 15. You will be glad you did not buy that new designer outfit with the bright colors or radically changed your haircut during this time.

To grow hair faster with the moon phases, choose to cut your hair on the New Moon or on one of days of the waxing phase before the next full moon. Particular astrological signs are favored as well. During the waxing moon in March, these signs occur on March 29-30 in Taurus, March 31 in Gemini, and April 4 in Leo, and April 9 in Libra.

Some people prefer to grow hair out more slowly to preserve a style or chemical treatment. In this case, have the hair cut during the waning moon phase, after the full moon. Again, certain astrological signs give a more favorable aspect during the waning moon.

Mar 17 SAG after 10p–BEST
Mar 19 SAG –BEST
Mar 20 SAG before 1a–BEST
Mar 20 CAP after 10a–BEST++
Mar 21 CAP–BEST++
Mar 22 CAP before 4a–BEST++
Mar 22 AQU after 9p–BEST+
Mar 23 AQU before 12p noon–BEST+
Mar 23 AQU after 5p–BEST+
Mar 24 AQU before 9p–BEST+

Mar 15 LIB before 1a–BEST+
Mar 15 SCO 10a-2p–BEST+
Mar 15 SCO after 7p–BEST+
Mar 16 SCO–BEST+
Mar 17 SCO before 1p–BEST+
Mar 22 AQU after 9p–BEST++
Mar 23 AQU before 12p–BEST++
Mar 23 AQU after 5p–BEST++
Mar 24 AQU before 9p–BEST++
Apr 11 LIB before 9a–BEST
Apr 11 SCO after 6p–BEST
April 12 SCO–BEST

Mar 29 TAU after 11a–BEST
Mar 30 TAU before 2p–BEST

The week before either holiday offers several choices for cuts and styling according to the moon phases. Happy results are almost guaranteed on Saturday April 1 with the Gemini Moon trine Jupiter for color, condition and a haircut. Color, condition, and cut hair on the most favored days of the April 4-6 Leo waxing moon, but no perm!

There are plenty of good conditioning days with the moon cycle before the spring holidays:
Time zone: PST
Mar 29 ARI before 3a–BEST
Mar 31 GEM after 12p noon–BEST
Apr 2 GEM before 6a–BEST
Apr 4 LEO after 3p–BEST
Apr 6 LEO after 4a–BEST

Special events are sometimes stressful for the emotions, especially when we see our friends or family just a few times during the year. Taking the time to make a finished outward presentation of style helps a positive attitude on the inside shine through to almost guarantee a good time at the party. Now you step through the doorway to arrive at the party with confidence, knowing that you look and feel the best that you can be for the holiday event, with a little help from the moon phases.

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