Last Quarter Moon Phase – balance or worry?

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LQ – Last Quarter moon phase.

“Gain balance in small steps today rather than indulging in worry. Identify the real issue to face.”

–Excerpt from “Riding Moon Cycles Moon Days.”


This is one of several topics for today’s moon phase from the Moon Days book and journal.

The core concept of the Moon Days book and journal is a series of specific topics or writing prompts for every day of the moon phase cycle. Each day the moon offers a unique flavor for musing, journaling, planning, doing, being.

See what the book is like over here.

Feb 3-9 lunar hair chart for the waning moon

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The waning moon continues this week to favor slower growth of hair after a treatment.

Why is that, anyway? Wisdom from country living was passed down by word of mouth over many generations. People learned that certain activities had a predictable result after the full moon when the light decreases or is waning. For instance, woodcutters noticed that when sap moved downward on a tree during the waning moon, it was the best time to cut timber for strength. Also after the full moon, farmers recognized that grass grew back more slowly. And so, over time, the principles were also applied to hair care.

The notable hair care dates for the week are:

CUT/TRIM FEB 3. The combination of Sagittarius and the waning moon make it a good choice the goal of slower growth after a haircut or trim. The class of semi-barren also supports this goal. Wait for the Moon to finish a conjunction with Saturn and move on to a harmonious Uranus trine.

CUT/TRIM FEB 5. All day the Capricorn Moon has a BEST++ rating for getting a haircut or trim with slower growth in mind. Capricorn’s dry and cold class combine favorably with the waning moon for this goal.

CUT & COLOR FEB 7. The class of semi-barren marks Aquarius as a good choice when going for slower growth. Aquarius is highly rated for coloring hair with its qualities of Fixed and wet.

For those who prefer the New Moon for a treatment, my recommendation is to wait for the Feb 11 Aries moon on Thursday.

Times are listed in PST Pacific Standard Time zone.

Feb 3 PST

CAUTION before 12p

Moon: Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn

Moon trine Uranus, Wane,

Last Quarter week

Condition hair

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth

START after 12p

Moon: Sagittarius, sextile Uranus

Condition hair

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST


Feb 4 PST

AVOID before 5p; Moon: V/C, sq. Jupiter

START after 5p

Moon: Capricorn, Wane, Last Quarter week

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST++

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth


Feb 5 PST

All day/night

Moon: Capricorn, sextile Neptune

Wane, Last Quarter week

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST++

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth


Feb 6 PST

FINISH before 7a

Moon: Capricorn, conjunct Mercury

Moon trine Jupiter, Wane,

Cut hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST++

Cut hair trim ends–thicker growth

Permanent, relaxant, straightener–BEST

AVOID after 7a

Moon: V/C; Venus square Uranus

START after 10p

Moon: Aquarius, Wane, Last Quarter week

Color hair–BEST

Color & chemical–slower growth–BEST

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST


Feb 7 PST

START after 7a

Moon: Aquarius, Wane; sextile Saturn

Color hair–BEST

Color & chemical–slower growth–BEST

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST


Feb 8 PST – New Moon

AVOID all day/night

Moon: Aquarius, square Mars, V/C

No recommendations


Feb 9 PST

All day/night; Moon: V/C; Pisces

No recommendations


Find the lunar hair chart with dates for the whole year at Riding Moon Cycles Lunar Hair Care Planner 2016.

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Excite Your Creativity with the Moon Cycle

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Inspiration – that internal magic which starts the creative process from spirit and moves out to materialize out into the world. It’s a process that is a perfect match for the moon cycle. Writing? Art? Sewing? Videos? All are eligible to participate.

What are you willing to do to for your creative process?

We are part of a Whole

Dr. Wayne Dyer explained that being inspired by a great purpose “…all revolves around your being harmoniously connected to your Source.” That is what I believe the moon cycle helps us to do.

Moon Phase astrology. Yes! Amp up creativity with the lunar cycle.

Ashley Turner talked about being part of a Whole:

“…Our bodymind represents a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of the universal forces which are always moving through us.”


“The same lunar and solar currents that spin the stars and pull the ocean tides flow through our body and psyche.”

The Dark of the Moon

It’s a natural to incubate the process in the dark new moon phase, as Kaya Singer likes to do:

“For me, the first step is to be in the dark, and take the moon path inward where it gets deeper and darker. As I do this, ideas, and stories appear and words drop onto the page.”

The Waxing Cycle

After the dark moon, use the empowering segment of the waxing moon to bring the creation to reality as Shiva Rea talks about:

“…when I’m teaching, I always plan teachings that are more dynamic in the waxing moon cycle. Or if I’m in a creative project, I will try in the two weeks of the waxing cycle [to move] things that are in a more outward nature toward fruition. And then once we’re on that cycle—now we’re just a couple of days into the waning cycle—I try and save everything that is like “taking care of the nest” for that waning cycle.”

We are in that precious building time of the moon cycle right now, busy manifesting the intentions set a few short days ago. It should feel familiar and normal because we are conditioned to move so fast these days.

It’s okay to feel a little doubt about your project – we all do! The tension will build until the full moon on June 2.

Frustration is natural, too. It is directly in proportion to your ability to meet the new situation in your comfort zone.

What excites your creativity?

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