Riding Moon Cycles Podcast April 18, 2015

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New Moon week ahead with Laraine Mesavage.

Moon cycle. New Moon. Moon phases.


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Welcome to the Riding Moon Cycles podcast.

Thank you for joining me for about five minutes or so to experience the moon cycle.

While I am talking you are going to be participating…

You are going to experience the moon cycle with me for a few minutes. You will connect to the center of the earth and experience the New Moon for yourself. Then we will talk a minute about next week.

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  1. SGC Admin

    thank you Laraine… I didn’t get to check this out until today (Monday) … 🙂 I am pretty sure those who were able to connect with the earth and the new moon through this meditation will have a fabulous month ahead… 🙂

    • Laraine

      Yes, it is engaging with the cycle that brings benefits later on. There is still time to grab that second chance for the cycle. Already my new moon project of a podcast is transformed in just two days. First I had to put it out into the world. And now, just today, I received new information about what it means to me and how it will progress and change.

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