Riding Moon Cycles Podcast April 25, 2015

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First Quarter week ahead with Laraine Mesavage.

Moon cycle. First Quarter. Moon phases.



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Here is the transcript of about 7 minutes.

Welcome to the Riding Moon Cycles podcast.

Thank you for joining me for a few minutes to talk about the moon cycle.

This is Laraine and today the event of the moon cycle is the First Quarter.

It’s April 25 on Saturday with the First Quarter Moon.

It is pretty amazing that we understand the cycle of the sun and order our lives with it every day. It is normal. It is work, it is what we expect. But most people think it is NOT normal to order our lives with the cycle of the moon.

I’m thinking that the sun cycle is like the patriarchal system.

But the world is changing out of the patriarchal system.
We are moving to the matriarchal system.
That is more like the moon cycle.

I especially want to talk about the First Quarter moon because there is so much focus on “Intention” at the New Moon. We are all excited about new ideas. But then I rarely hear about what people are doing after that. I think we get caught up in the busy-ness of life. And this First Quarter week coming next week is familiar for working life. I know it is my comfort zone. It is business as usual.

But the moon cycle does not stop.

New Moon

Last week was the New Moon. Did you have an idea or vision last week?

Find that original idea you had at the New Moon. How does that idea look today? This week that idea is probably looking a little bit different.

It is transformed. That’s because the effect of it is out in the world.

New Moon Week is over. Last week was setting the stage, choosing the intention.
There are no rewinds, no going back.

First Quarter

Here at First Quarter we are standing half way between the hoopla of the New Moon and the celebration of the Full Moon.
We are tipped now towards the full moon coming next week.

This means that distractions to that Original Intention are pulling in every direction.

Now we are in the First Quarter action phase. The lights are on, the movie is running.

You bought the boards at the lumber yard last week and this week is nailing the boards to the frame. You bought the fabric. This week is about putting it to action. Nail the boards, cut the fabric, roll up your sleeves for work.


This week the task is to apply changes to the original vision of last week.
You may have to switch to a new way of thinking. It’s okay.
When you are moving along with the moon cycle, the ideas for change will come along when you need them.

Ask for help. Make the changes. Ask for advice.

The key this week is to let go of old ways of thinking in order to have a smooth ride.
One way to think about it this week is that making changes to your original intention may release the pressure of the coming full moon.

And watch how your actions affect other people like a ripple in a pond.
So, we keep the faith. We continue with our intention. We make changes. We remember that today we are a fine example of our past experiences.

Full Moon

This week think about what kind of experience you would like to have on the Full Moon. The actions you take this week will determine that. Be strong and hold to your intention. Do what seems to be difficult and make the changes.

This is First Quarter week from today until next Sunday at the Full Moon.

First Quarter Week Ahead

Now. Let’s look at the First Quarter Week ahead

Monday – keep to normal activities with the void of course moon all day.

The rest of the work week is strong for anything you want to do.
First we have Earth on Tuesday and Wednesday.
These are two strong days for moving ahead with the details of your plan.
The moon is in Virgo. Earth.

Thursday and Friday we move to Libra and AIR .
Starting Thursday we are gearing up for the Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday. Watch for bumps. Watch for tension.

Saturday is Void of Course the day before the Full Moon. Keep it very simple on Saturday.

Thank you for joining me today.

You will dare to reach inward. Take the slow path.
You choose to remember
You connect body with spirit and earth to sky.
You honor your emotional tides, seeking rhythmic balance.

I wish you Blessings on your path this week.
Look for me when the moon is changing.


Image credit: wikimedia.org public domain

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