When You No Longer Understand Why You are Doing It

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FM+1 Moon Cycle | Full Moon plus 1 day | Wane | August 1, 2015

Now, after the excitement of the full moon, find a moment to admire how far you have come in two short weeks. Find a sense of closure to the cycle. Believe you are the person that you have always wanted to be. Know that you have a purpose and what you do has value.

It’s part of the cycle and it is OKAY.

It may be hard to understand it today, but this day is the start of a new cycle of the waning moon. Now you are the sum of all of your experiences and intelligence standing as a completed unit in the world. Keep working and review the worth of current plans.

Man Relaxing Outside A Country Pub With Beer

Feel the intensity ease up a bit. Switch to familiar things that make you happy.

The waning moon gives time to examine feelings about current plans. This means you will most probably feel some kind of conflict inside about yourself and your project. Remember! It’s part of the cycle and it is OKAY.

When you become discouraged, know that it is part of the cycle.

When your project becomes stalled, know that it is part of the cycle.

When you no longer understand why you are doing it, know that it is part of the cycle.

You are working on having a renewed faith in yourself each time the cycle goes around. Enjoy a success, no matter how small, which translates to a new sense of determination.

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