Lunar Hair Care Tip #10 – Moon in Aries

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The most sources of traditional astrology for lunar hair care agree to choose Aries when the focus is on slower growth for hair.

Riding Moon Cycles Lunar Hair Care Tip #10 - Moon in Aries

It is not surprising that several of them also emphasize the waning moon to be combined with Aries for this goal.

Aries shares the barren/semi-barren class with the other noted signs for slower growth of Sagittarius/Aquarius for semi-barren, and Leo/Virgo/Gemini for barren.

Aries is classified as dry and hot, and can be either barren or semi-barren, depending on the astrologer’s or gardener’s interpretation. It is a Fire sign. Just like we add lotion to dry skin, when the moon travels through dry Aries the advice is to do a conditioning hair treatment.

Aries is dry, hot and semi-barren. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign.